In what colours were the Kettenkrads painted?

Kettenkrads were painted like all other German Wehrmacht vehicles as follows:

Early vehicles until spring 1943 were painted "Dunkelgrau" (Dark Grey), RAL 7021.
From spring 1943 until the end of WW2 the vehicles were painted "Dunkelgelb" (dark yellow), RAL 7028.

The vehicles, which were built for the African theatre were painted "Gelbbraun" RAL 8000 and "Graugrün" RAL 7008. 2/3s of the surface should be "Gelbbraun", 1/3 "Graugrün".

All paint was "matt, nicht glänzend" (dull, not glossy).

Very few is known about the paint scheme of the postwar Kettenkrads. My 1948/49 Kettenkrad #3 is painted dull green. Under the layer of green paint some parts are painted black and some dark yellow.