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My Kettenkrad #2 at Beltring 2000

This year the "WAR & PEACE SHOW" at Beltring was really gigantic. It was for 5 days (Wednesday to Sunday) and more than 3.000 privately owned MVs were on the site.

For the first time I've been there with an own MV: My 1942 Kettenkrad. There were six Kettenkrads on the site (5 x 1944 and one 1942 = Mine) but only one Kettenkrad was running on the site (Mine). The other five were most times only on static display.

Because I was so busy with my Kettenkrad, I took nearly no pictures. But other people did. So have a look at these websites for interesting pictures and reports from BELTRING 2000:

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A. Mehlhorn, 2000
Last updated: 22.02.2007