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The mother of all Kettenkrad models

During WW2, NSU produced a small series of toy models of the NSU Kettenkrad. It is told, that these toy models were given to children of factory workers as a christmas gift.

NSU Kettenkrad original model

NSU Kettenkrad original model

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NSU Kettenkrad original model, view from above

NSU Kettenkrad original model, detail

The model is rough 30 cm (12") long and made from strong sheet metal. It weighs around 1.3 kg (nearly 3 lbs). It is a simplified toy model and not an exact scale model. It never had tracks. The wheels are designed in a very smart way: Only the front wheel and the wheels of the last axle touch the ground. So it is very smooth and easy to push and steer the model on the floor.

I'm proud owner of the model shown above.

Andreas Mehlhorn, 2009