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Kettenkrad paper/carton models


The Polish company Modelik offers a wide range of paper/carton models. Among them is a Kettenkrad with trailer in 1/25 scale.

Official Homepage: Kettenkrad on the MODELIK Website

This model is not recommended for beginners. What an experienced modeller can make from this model, you can see here:

Building instructions for the paper model by Johnny Svensson (external link)

Build your own Kettenkrad for free!

Mr. Masahiro Takomoto from Yokohama, Japan, made an excellent paper model of the Kettenkrad:


Have a look at: www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/6462/given/given2.html

(This is an external link and opens a new browser window.
Scroll to No. 14 and click on "KIT FILE")

The good news: You can download the blueprint of the kit for free!
The bad news: You need a lot of patience and skills to build it. (The vehicle is around 1 1/2" long!)
I think most of you (including me!) don't have the patience and the skills to build it...

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