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The Kettenkrad in the movies:

In the famous Spielberg movie "Saving Private Ryan" (German title: "Der Soldat James Ryan") you can see two Kettenkrads:

One Kettenkrad is an early Kettenkrad from 1942 or before (chassis no. before 111514) with the angular shaped cooling air exhaust tower between the two rear seats. The exhaust muffler is not the original one, it is too small. This Kettenkrad is only static. It can be seen in several scenes standing on the bridge.

Kettenkrad in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" KK movie 2

The other Kettenkrad in the movie is driven around by the GI's as a decoy-bird for the German troops to bait them into the village. This running Kettenkrad is a later version.

KK movie 4 KK movie 5

The GIs are driving like crazy around the corner. One track leaves the ground. This is only recommended for stuntmen... Don't try this at home!

If you have pictures of Kettenkrads in WW2 or later, send a copy to me!

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