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Pictures from the original spare parts list of the Kettenkrad

Pictures from the spare parts list of the Kettenkrad. D 624/2. Issue 06-17-1943

Most of the pictures in the spare parts list show pre-production or early vehicles. The "Tafelnummer" and page numbers mentioned are those of the original spare parts list.

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0_Kettenkrad_20.jpg (60437 Byte)

Complete view of the vehicle (Page 2)


View of the engine (Page 8)


Tafel 15: Cooling, radiator flap (Page 84)

Exhaust system

Tafel 17: Exhaust system (Page 92)

Front fork

Tafel 26: Front fork (Page 124)


Tafel 31: Wheels (Page 140)

Track link

Tafel 33: Track link (Page 148)

From the driver's manual:

The "Gerätebeschreibung und Bedienungsanweisung" (driver's manual), D 624/1, shows very nice "cut-away" drawing of the Kettenkrad, which shows a lot of details:

phantokl.jpg (33755 Byte)

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