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Reproduction parts for the Kettenkrad

- Made in Germany -

Sometimes Kettenkrad owners ask me, where to buy reproduction sheet metal components for the restoration of a Kettenkrad.

Now we have a producer here in Germany, who makes excellent sheet metal parts.

The SKFK-GmbH from Grumbach, near Dresden.

Franz Käppler
Limbacher Straße 20
01723 Wilsdruff OT Grumbach
Tel.: +49 162 4332062
E-Mail: info@skfk-gmbh.de



Here a small excerpt from their catalogue of reproduction parts for the Kettenkrad:

Several parts for the Kettenkrad: https://www.skfk-gmbh.de/fahrzeugteile/wehrmachts-oldtimer/hk-101-kettenkrad/

Here for example the complete rear flap assembly with the tower Mk. 2:

Nachbauturm Version 2

Hull parts: https://www.skfk-gmbh.de/fahrzeugteile/wehrmachts-oldtimer/hk-101-kettenkrad-wanne/

Franz Käppler builds most of the parts himself and to the best of my knowledge, the quality is excellent.

He is eager to help, if special customisation of the parts is required.

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