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Kettenkrads in motion

Pictures are not bad but it is much better to see the Kettenkrad in full motion. Video makes it possible. The following videos are embedded videos from Youtube.

Videos taken at "Tanks in Town" at Mons, Belgium:

My own Kettenkrad in the mud, 2007

My own Kettenkrad in 2008, now with

My Kettenkrad chasing a Hetzer, 2008

Another Kettenkrad at Tanks in Town 2009

Original footage from WW2:

Kettenkrad production at the NSU factory
(Die Deutsche Wochenschau Nr. 652 from 03-03-1943)

Kettenkrad comes with a glider
(Die Deutsche Wochenschau no. 675 from 08-11-1943)

Kettenkrad tested by the Allied Forces. Location possibly the Kummersdorf test facilities.

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