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The medium ones (1/35 and 1/32 scale)

Kettenkrad Modelle

This picture shows three of my Kettenkrad models on my desk:

  • 1/35 TAMIYA plastic model with trailer on the left (TAMIYA no. 35029)
  • 1/32 English die-cast model made by BRITAINS Ltd on the right. (BRITAINS no. 9780) This is more a toy than a scale model. The passenger figure of this model is missing.
  • 1/72 HASEGAWA plastic model (HASEGAWA no. 31113) in the foreground.
Two BRITANS Kettenkrad models

My two BRITAINS die-cast models. On the left the new one with the passenger figure, which I bought at Beltring in July 1998. Read the story, how the trader wanted to cheat me when I bought it.

Please note: The "bar cross" was in reality never used on Kettenkrads or other soft skin vehicles. It was only used on armoured vehicles.

My souvenir from the "War & Peace Show" at Beltring in 1999: A 1/35 model kit of the Kettenkrad with a 37 mm Anti tank gun, made by the Japanese company "NITTO KAGAKU". I've never seen such a kit in Germany before. The details are much better than the 1/35 TAMIYA. This kit has real wheels and tracks made from rubber.

NITTO KAGAKU 1/35 Kettenkrad model kit

dragon35.jpg (49402 Byte) The latest Kettenkrad model kit is the 1/35 kit from DRAGON Models Ltd., Hong Kong. This kit (order no. 6114) was issued in 2001 and is is much more detailed than the older TAMIYA kit and only recommended for experienced modellers, who have no problems with really tiny parts.  (No job for me!)

Note that each of the 80 track links has to be assembled from 2 parts (like on the 1/6 ESCI kit)!

Since October 2006 I own a ready built model from this DRAGON kit, which is built and painted by a real artist: Jean-Baptiste Verlhac. He has built the model in 2001. Remember, the model in 1/35 scale is only around 85 mm (3 1/2") long!

Click here or on the picture to load a bigger version!

More pictures of this model with comments of the builder von can see here: www.track-link.net/gallery/1078 (External Link)

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