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The NOTEK Nachtmarschgerät
(Black out light device)

Virtually every German military vehicle in WW2 bigger than a motorbike was equipped with a NOTEK Nachtmarschgerät ("Night march device" = black out light device).

This special black out light device made it possible, to drive the vehicles at night during black out conditions without enabling the enemy to detect the vehicles.

The complete NOTEK Nachtmarschgerät consists of the following main parts:

1) The NOTEK hooded headlight at the front of the vehicle

2) The NOTEK taillight at the rear of the vehicle

3) The electric step switch on the dashboard

The device was designed and produced by the company NOVA TECHNIK from Munich. (NOTEK = NOva TEchniK)

The Nachtmarschgerät gets power from terminal 15. So it only works, when the ignition is switched ON. It doesn't matter if the other lamps are switched on or off.

The NOTEK step switch has five positions:

The series resistor in the step switch only takes effect on the hooded headlight. Das NOTEK taillight gets the full voltage in each position of the switch (except "0").

Because of the NOTEK step switch contains a series resistor, the step switch only fits a certain voltage rating (6V, 12V or 24V). The voltage rating is marked on the housing of the switch.