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This is a report about my journey to the OVERLORD SHOW 2005 of the Solent Overlord Executive at Horndean, near Portsmouth / Southampton, UK , May 2005.

"OVERLORD" was the codename for the allied landing in Normandy in WW2. (The much better known name "D-DAY" means only the date). The OVERLORD SHOW commemorates the the gathering and embarking of allied troops in this region in May 1944.

Since 2005 the OVERLORD SHOW is organized by the SOLENT OVERLORD EXECUTIVE . After some internal trouble, they have separated from the MVT.

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OL2005-010.jpg (114236 Byte)
The Kettenkrad dwarfed among the trucks on the ferryboat form Dunkirk to Dover.

OL2005-090.jpg (97585 Byte)
The Kettenkrad together with its English friends.
OL2005-060.jpg (167305 Byte)
Three driving Kettenkrads among other Wehrmacht vehicles in the arena. My Kettenkrad #2 is in the middle.
OL2005-070.jpg (143672 Byte)
Only Britons can do that: R/C Jeep with R/C teddy bears!
OL2005-080.jpg (111657 Byte)
Cockpit collectors. Cockpit of a CANBERRA bomber.

This year during the OVERLORD SHOW I've visited the Royal Armouries at FORT NELSON near Portsmouth. FORT NELSON was part of a chain of strong fortifications, which were built in the 1860s to defend Portsmouth harbour against a French invasion. After the victory of the Prussian army over the French in 1870 at Sedan, the threat of a French invasion has vanished.

OL2005-020.jpg (92891 Byte)
Subterrain gallery under FORT NELSON leading to the powder magazine.

OL2005-030.jpg (118273 Byte)
Guns of the side caponiere.

OL2005-040.jpg (56320 Byte)
Portmouth's famous harbour entrance, seen through a loop-hole from FORT NELSON. Looking south to the open sea and the ISLE OF WIGHT. On the left the new landmark of Portsmouth: The 170 m tall Spinnaker Tower, opened in 2002.

OL2005-050.jpg (108345 Byte)
Waiting for an invasion, which never came. All of FORT NELSON's guns are aiming inland. They should defend the harbour against attacks from the landside.

FORT NELSON is really worth a visit. For details please contact www.royalarmouries.org/visit-us/fort-nelson. Admission is FREE!

For more details about the OVERLORD SHOW, contact SOLENT OVERLORD EXECUTIVE:


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Andreas Mehlhorn 2005.

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