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Report of my journey to the OVERLORD SHOW 2006 at Horndean, near Portsmouth / Southampton (UK) , May 2006.

"OVERLORD" was the codename for the allied landing in Normandy in WW2. (The much better known name "D-DAY" means only the date). The OVERLORD SHOW commemorates the the gathering and embarking of allied troops in this region in May 1944.

During May 2006 the weather was cool and rainy. So the showground was wet and muddy. Many vehicles from traders and visitors stuck in the mud and the Kettenkrad had to do a lot of recovery work:


Kettenkrad towing modern truck

This is one of my favourite pictures: My Kettenkrads tows the showman's 7,5 ton truck up the hill on the muddy meadow.

This is the kind of job, Kettenkrads were designed for many years ago.


Klick auf die kleinen Bilder um sie in voller Größe zu laden!

That's how the entrance looked like after a short while

No problem: The recovery team is ready to help...

This year the teddybears had upgraded:

Now they have a gun in tow behind their Jeep.

At the Solent. View on the Isle of Wight.

The English way of visiting the beach: Drive to the beach and stay in your car.



Learn more about the OVERLORD SHOW on the SOLENT OVERLORD EXECUTIVE's homepage:


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