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Read reports about MV events, which I've visited (since 2000 with my own Kettenkrad):

Beltring 1997  Journeys to the "WAR & PEACE SHOW" at Beltring
(At that time without own Kettenkrad)
Beltring 1998
Beltring 1999
Normandy 1999The 55th D-DAY anniversary in Normany, France, June 1999
Darlowo (PL) 1999Tank- and MV event at Darlowo (Poland) at the coast of the Baltic Sea, June 1999.
Beltring 2000 The "MILLENIUM WAR & PEACE SHOW" at Beltring 2000
Beltring 2001 The same journey in July 2001
Schweden 2001 Our journey to the MFHF club show in Sweden 2001
Beltring 2002 Pictures of our journey to Beltring in July 2002
Overlord Show 2003 Journeys to the "OVERLORD SHOW" of the Solent Overlord Executive at Horndean, near Portsmouth/Southampton.
Overlord Show 2004
Overlord Show 2005
Overlord Show 2006
DISG-Sommertreffen 2006 DKThe DISG-Sommertreffen 2006 at Viborg, Danmark with trips to the coastal battery Hansholm

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