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Good things come to those, who wait! We have an update!

I've got many questions relating the chassis numbers and the data plates of the Kettenkrads. So I made up my mind to write a description of the pattern of the Kettenkrads chassis numbers and the different data plates. Hope this makes things a little bit more clear.

On the new page I describe the pattern of the Kettenkrads chassis numbers from wartime and post war production and I show the matching data plates.


The Kettenkrad as cable laying vehicle

Kleines Kettenkrad für Feldfernkabel Sd.Kfz. 2/1

There were two official variants of the Kettenkrad Sd.Kfz.2: The "Kleine Kettenkrad für Feldfernkabel Sd.Kfz. 2/1" (for long distance field cable, see picture above) and the Kleine Kettenkrad für schweres Feldkabel Sd.Kfz. 2/2. (for heavy standard field cable)

On this new page you can read more about these variants.

Pictures are good, motion pictures are are better. We want to see the Kettenkrad in full motion. On Youtube there are a lot of videoclips, showing Kettenkrads. Some are really good, some not. The best you can find on my new video link list:

Kettenkrads on video

Who knows more (good!) videos of Kettenkrads?

What else is to be seen on this website?

On this website you find information relating the NSU Kettenkrad and other historic military vehicles.

punktFrequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Kettenkrad and the answers
punktMy Kettenkrad collection Pictures and descpriptions of my three Kettenkrads
punktThe restoration of my Kettenkrad #1 See how it looked like, when I got it and how it looks now.
punktTechnical data of the Kettenkrad. Description of the vehicle..
Kettenkrad Gallery See pictures of the Kettenkrad in combat and today
Kettenkrads on Video Videoclips showing Kettenkrads in motion.
punktPictures from the spare parts list Pictures from the original spare parts list D624/2 from 1943
punktThe trailer. The Sonderanhänger 1 (Sd.Anh. 1), the special little trailer for the Kettenkrad.
punktDetails of the Kettenkrad. Interesting technical details for the restorer and the model builder.
punktBooks and other literature about the Kettenkrad. Books and documents you need, when you are restoring a Kettenkrad or building a model.
punktKettenkrad models. Pictures and descriptions of several model kits and toy models of the NSU Kettenkrad.
punktMV event reports. Travelling broadens your mind. Read some reports about MV related events, which I've visited (Beltring etc.)
punktOther things relating German MVs from WW2
punktLinks to other Kettenkrad or MV related websites

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