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The BOSCH headlamp of the Kettenkrad

The early Kettenkrads had two headlamps: The BOSCH motorbike headlamp and the NOTEK black out headlamp on the front mudguard. The BOSCH Headlamp was the type BOSCH EAS 170x2 and was a normal motorbike headlamp, which was also used by big civilian motorbikes (BMW, NSU) of the time. The only difference was, that the housing of the Kettenkrad headlamp had no hole for the speedometer.

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The diameter of the glass is 170 mm (6.7"). The glass itself has the BOSCH-no. LFE 74/2 X.

The headlamp has an electric dipswitch in the body of the lamp, which is operated via a Bowden cable by a small lever on the right side of the handlebar. The housing of the lever also carries the electric horn button.

In 1944, before the introduction of the heavy hydraulic damped front fork, the BOSCH headlamp was left off. From that time on, the Kettenkrad had only the NOTEK black-out headlamp on the front mudguard.
The heavy hydraulic damped front fork has never had brackets for the BOSCH headlamp.