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NSU Kettenkrad HomepageKettenkrad

The mud pit at Beltring in 2001

Here some pictures of my Kettenkrad on the off-road-course at Beltring 2001. Pictures courtesy of Raimondo Torelli, Naples, Italy. Many thanks, Raimondo!

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During fording too much water came into the hull (One should close all holes before fording...) and into the cooling air fan. To prevent damage of the fan, I had to stop the engine.

The "Twickenham-Offroaders" tried to tow the Kettenkrad out of the mud pit with their REO truck. At the first try the rope broke and the Kettenkrad rolled back into the pit, deeper than before.

The second try was successful. After I had drained the hull, I could restart the engine without problems. But...

mud15.jpg (122201 Byte)

A clean job was necessary...

This summer (July 2002) I'll go to the WAR & Peace Show at Beltring again. For more information about the world's biggest MV event have a look at the organizer's website:

www.thewarandpeaceshow.com beltringlogo

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