NSU Kettenkrad HomepageKettenkrad

NSU Kettenkrad HomepageKettenkrad

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I'm proud owner of three NSU Kettenkrads. Have a look on the details and pictures of these three vehicles:

Kettenkrad #1 Chassis number 111533, built in early 1943. I bought this vehicle as a basket case in 1992. Have a look how it lokked like when I got it and how it looks now. It is still a basket case... This is the reason why I bought:

Das neue Kettenkrad #2

Kettenkrad #2 Chassis number 111157, built in 1942. This one runs and is registrated for legal use on public roads since 2000. During this time I'have driven it around 1,600 miles on several events in Germany and abroad.

Kettenkrad #3 Chassis number 549 (postwar). This vehicle was built in 1948 as a tractor for farm and forest use.

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