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NSU Kettenkrad HomepageKettenkrad

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There are a lot of other German military vehicles from WW2. So on this page you find no information about the NSU Kettenkrad, but some information about other German MVs from WW2, which would be interesting , too (I think). Have a look!

gelbpunk.gif (324 Byte)Der Wehrmachtskanister
The famous German fuel can, known as "Jerrycan". Even the Allies copied it...

gelbpunk.gif (324 Byte)The NOTEK Nachtmarschgerät (black out light device)
The well-known black out lamps from WW2

gelbpunk.gif (324 Byte)Adverts with German military motorbikes.
Adverts in German newspapers from WW2, relating military motorbikes.

gelbpunk.gif (324 Byte)How the army tests the gradability and distortionability of MVs.
Pictures from the MV proving ground at Kummersdorf, near Berlin.

gelbpunk.gif (324 Byte)How to start a vehicle with a hand crank Helpful hints to avoid injuries.


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