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NeuThe early rear towers 1 and 2 are finally available as repro parts! Neu

During our research about the different versions of the rear towers (see below), we were able to reconstruct the shape and size of the early edged towers much more precisely than before. The problem was, that there was not a single really original tower available as sample.

The result now is, that the SKFK GmbH Franz Käppler can offer the early edged towers and the complete rear flap assembly as high quality reproduction parts, as close to the original as possible. Here the Turm 2 (Trailer plug socket above the NOTEK) complete with the two-part louvres:

Nachbauturm Version 2

More details of the repro towers and other sheet-metal parts from SKFK GmbH.

The three different versions of the Kettenkrad's rear tower

At the rear of each Kettenkrad there is a "tower", which has three purposes: It offers support to the passengers legs, so they can sit safe even when driving off-road. It is the outlet of the cooling air duct from the radiator and protects the legs of the passengers from the hot air. It is the support for the license plate, the NOTEK Nachtmarschgerät and the trailer plug socket.

During the time of production of the Kettenkrad, there were three different versions of this tower produced. I call them "Turm 1", "Turm 2" and "Turm 3". The lower half with the cooling air duct stayed mostly unaltered. The three different versions vary in the upper half only.

Turm 1, used from start of production until vehicle 110542 (rough until end 1941)

Turm 1

Turm 1 is angular and the trailer plug socket is located left of the NOTEK. The NOTEK clearly projects beyond the contour of the tower. This was bad for the soldier's legs when dismounting. A sharp-edged metal clamp on the NOTEK's housing waits for the soldier's skin... So this version was soon replaced by Turm 2:


Turm 2, used from vehicle 110543 to vehicle 111514 (rough 1942)

Turm 2

The shape of Turm 2 is still angular but the trailer plug socket is now located on top of the NOTEK. Therefore the NOTEK is now positioned in the middle of the tower and no longer projects beyond the contour of the tower. So no risk for the soldier's legs anymore.


Turm 3, used from vehicle 111515 until the end of production (1943 and later)

Turm 3 Turm 3


The upper part of Turm 3 is round shaped. This version was used on rough 80% of all Kettenkrads produced and is the best known version today. That's what you see on most Kettenkrads, that still exist today. Regardless if they are original or restored.

The pictures show the Turm 3 on my very own 1942 Kettenkrad. As usual, the rear cover of Turm 3 is missing. The tower is an original one but it doesn't belong to a 1942 Kettenkrad. It should have a Turm 2.

While there are examples of the Turm 3 available, sometimes original and also as good reproductions, I don't know of a single existing original Turm 1 or Turm 2.

After a long search I have been unable to locate an original Turm 2, not even a good reproduction. So I started to collect data to reconstruct the early towers as close to the original as possible and to make drawings.

The few rebuilt early towers, that I found on Kettenkrads in museums and on the Internet are invariably not even close to the original shape and dimensions. On the many excellent Kettenkrad scale models I've seen, the shape and dimensions of the rear tower are wrong. Often a pure fantasy shape.

Here are the first results of my reconstruction of Turm 1:

Turm 1 seitlich   Turm 1 hinten   Turm 1 Drahtmodell

Click on the preview pictures

Modellers and Kettenkrad owners, who need more detailed information, feel free to ask. I can provide additional data and the full measurements.

And now my request:

I need good pictures of Turm 2, in order to correct my own Kettenkrad. Also I would like photos of Turm 1, to evaluate and improve the reconstruction information in my records. Unfortunately there are only very few photos, that show Kettenrads from the rear.

Even better, if someone knows a Kettenkrad with original Turm 1 or Turm 2, I would like to take the measurements from an original tower.
Every help is appreciated.


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